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Die Solder

These rocky outcrops have numerous spots for fishing, too many to list on this web page.  (Maybe some time in the future)

It is a stretch of about a kilometer where excellent catches of Galjoen, White Musselcracker, Blacktail, Zebra (Wildeperd) and Karanteen (Strepie) are made.  On the sandy beach to the west, White Steenbras have also been caught.

The occasional shark have also been landed from the rocks, although not many people actually fish for sharks from the rocks because it is too difficult to successfully land the shark.

Baits used here are normally red-bait, worms, bloodworm and white mussels.

Red-bait, black mussel, alikreukel and siffie can be collected from the rocks at low tide. Please make sure that you adhere to the regulations when fishing and collecting bait, otherwise you might have a very bad encounter the Sea Fisheries inspector.

Best times to angle here is during March through October when the South-Easterly winds are blowing.


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