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Regulations, Restrictions and Permits

As with all things in life, when fishing, there are rules and regulations that must be adhered to.  
To save yourself unnecessary complications, please read the regulations as posted on this site.  This is not the full Act and I urge you to go to your nearest Sea Fisheries office to get up to date information. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws in South Africa if you do not adhere to these rules.  There are size and bag limitations on all saltwater fish as well as on collecting bait.  Permits are nescessary to fish  (both saltwater and freshwater) and to collect bait (saltwater).

Catch and release is practised all over the world.  Take a nice picture of your catch and release it to enable our children to be able to also enjoy fishing in future.

I am not a member of Greenpeace nor will I ever be, but the senseless destroying of our natural resources makes me see red.

So if you go fishing, catch what you can eat and release the rest of your catch alive.  Always leave the spot you were fishing at, in a better state than when you got there.  If everyone cleans up after themselves, it will be a pleasure to visit any 'favourite fishing spot' you might have heard of or read about.

On to the regulations.
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