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Valknes (Eagles nest)

This spot can only be reached on foot.  There are no access roads open to the general public to reach the coastline.  It is quite a distance to walk, but the catches makes it worthwhile.

Excellent catches of Galjoen, White Musselcracker, Blacktail, Zebra (Wildeperd) and Karanteen (Strepie) are made.

Baits used here are normally red-bait, worms, bloodworm and white mussels.

Red-bait, black mussel, alikreukel and siffie can be collected from the rocks at low tide. Please make sure that you adhere to the regulations when fishing and collecting bait, otherwise you might have a very bad encounter the Sea Fisheries inspector.

Best times to angle here is during March through October when the South-Easterly winds are blowing.


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